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Bride & Groom – Daniel and Rosie

Venue – Kelham House, Newark

Date – October 28th 2017

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What a fantastic couple Daniel & Rosie were, from minute one they embraced every second of their wedding day. Their ceremony took place at The Parish Church of St Wulfram. The church itself is one of the largest medieval churches in the country, seating around 700 people.

The wedding breakfast and reception was held at Kelham House, Newark. The banter from the groom and his merry men was hilarious and this continued throughout the day and into the speeches with a lot of laughter, red faces and a few secrets being exposed!

The bride and groom were up for anything and even when the temperature started to drop in the early evening we managed to get some great shots. Out came the cigars and i’m sure there were a few whiskey flasks pulled from the inner pockets of the mens suits. The vibe was brilliant and i’m sure they were a lot of people suffering from facial muscle aches the next day due to the constant laughing and smiling. I’d like to wish Daniel & Rosie all the very best in their married life.