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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website!

I’m Paul a documentary wedding photographer with the amazing job of capturing beautiful moments for you to cherish for the rest of your lives. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some incredible couples and seen some amazing places along the way, loving almost every minute of it. It makes no difference to me if you’re getting married in your back garden or a historic castle i’d be honoured to be a part of your new adventure.


Firstly congratulations on your engagement! So now you’re looking for the ‘right photographer’ to capture the essence of your wedding day.

Your wedding day will be one of your most memorable days of your life. I find myself very fortunate to be a part of your special day and my job as a photographer is to provide you with beautiful images, capturing moments to transport you back to that special day. I aim to tell the story of your day by capturing the ‘big moments’ but not forgetting the ‘tiny details’ that matter to you both. Seeing that tearful moment when the father of the bride see’s his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time or grandad having a quick nap after sinking a few cheeky drinks are all images that tell the story of your wedding day and that you’ll cherish forever!

I’ve received some fantastic feedback from the lovely couples i’ve had the pleasures of working with.

Some of the words that have stuck with me…..

funny · professional · down to earth · creative · organised · calm · stealth · genuine · extremely good looking (i made that one up)


Unless you’re a full-time model most people find it a little awkward when they know they’re about to be captured on camera, with the exception of the slightly inebriated, and even more so when the person behind the camera shouts something like “say cheese”! The result usually ends up with the captured begging for the image to be deleted. You’ll be surprised to know that I hate it too!

Being a ‘documentary wedding photographer’ allows me to work in stealth mode, mixing with the guests and enabling me to capture the best of people. Most of the time you won’t even know i’m there so there’s no awkward pug like faces or fake smiles.

The only time i’ll be directing is for the portraits and formals and even then we’ll make it fun and relaxed.